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Serie Aurora Led

The Aurora LED Portable Light is a rechargeable light capable of delivering a very high output for extended durations in the most challenging of environments. This model has three independent switching modes delivering: 1122 lumens for up to 35 hours; 3366 lumens for up to 11,5 hours; and 5610 lumens for up to 7 hours. The highly efficient LEDs are low maintenance with a service life of 35,000 hours.

The battery is protected by an intrinsically safe control module which provides overvoltage, overcurrent and polarity protection to the LED drivers to give a consistent, daylight output from the inherently safe LEDs. The audio and visual indicator provides the low charge status of the Aurora LED Portable Light that is set to a level to protect the battery from a deep discharge state.

Built from high pressure, die-cast aluminium the light is capable of withstanding demanding industrial environments, inclusive of areas containing NORM. The battery is enclosed within an individual IP65 enclosure ensuring it is protected from the ingress of dust and water jets from all angles. The control module and LED light sources are protected within an IP65 light-head that has a 3mm thick, UV resistant, polycarbonate lens.

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Optional accessories
– One-metre-high mast
– 12V DC adaptor terminated with a car type cigar plug socket.

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