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3 AAA eLed Vizion

LED torch for professional use in extreme situations. Internal optical focus. With 3 selectable light patterns: focused white light, diffuse white light and diffuse red light. 2 powers: high and medium with different projection angles. ON button designed for use with industrial gloves.
Extra-wide, high-comfort elastic belt. The lamp can be removed from its housing to be used as a handheld torch. Materials: ABS, polyurethane rubber. High shock resistance. 100% waterproof. Submersible to 10 meters.
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  • Luznor. Linterna de Alto rendimiento 3AA-eLED-Vizion
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  • Luznor. Linterna de Alto Rendimiento 3AAA-eLED
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  • Luznor. Linterna de alto rendimiento 3AAA-eLED Desmontada
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