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Portable lighting ATEX torches

HRX Series

The HRX range contains intrinsic and increased safety torches equipped with halogen bulb, nickel-cadmium battery and electronic circuit with microprocessor that provides various operating modes.

The torches have a mobile support that means they can be placed in different positions, as well as an LED pilot lamp that informs the user about the battery’s available capacity in three levels:

-Green: Available capacity of 100% to 60%
-Yellow: Available capacity of 60% to 20%
-Red: Available capacity of less than 20%

Models with two pushbuttons have front and/or back signalling for constant or flashing operation via LEDs in various colour and quantity combinations.

The torches are recharged via an external charger specifically manufactured for this purpose. The torch simply sits on the charger and can be left charging indefinitely, without damaging the battery life. When it is fully recharged, the green LED on the torch flashes.

The whole range of HRX torches is certified according to Directive 94/9/CE “Equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres” (ATEX) and is suitable for use in the following areas:

-GASES: Zones 1 and 2
-DUSTS: Zones 21 and 22

Other functions

-Light with maximum and medium power and flashing modes.
-Both the light and the signalling switch off automatically when the torch is placed on the charger.

When the torch is placed on its charger it switches on automatically for 3 minutes in the event of a loss of voltage.

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Technical features
Halogen lamp 6V-G4 of 3, 5, 10 W
-Brightness: 42, 78, 205 lumens
-Battery: Ni-Cd 6V / 4 Ah
-Burning: 2 ÷ 8 hours
-Control without signalling: 1 push button
-Control with signalling: 2 push buttons
-Protection degree: IP67 – 1m
-Body: Engineering antistatics plastics in black colour
-Temperature: -40ºC ÷ +60ºC
-Insulation: class III
-Weight: 1250 g
-Certification: Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX) _ Ex II 2 GD _ Ex ib e IIC T2..T4 _ Ex tD A21 _ IP67 T85 ºC _ -40ºC ? Ta ? + 60ºC _ LOM 04AATEX2129 _ CE 0163 _ (T2: Lamp 10W – T4: Lamp 3W & 5W)
-Marking: CE


Shoulder strap. Ref. C-HR1


Chargers HRX Series
The HR torch fits into its charger via two floating sockets, which recharge its battery. The torch can be left in charging position on the charger indefinitely, without damaging the battery life. Super-tough polyamide housing.

For mounting on cars or walls the charger has two blades with holes for attachment with a screw and a mechanical fastening system for flashlight.

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Other functions
-Light with maximum and medium power and flashing modes.

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