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LLE Series

Self-contained watertight LED emergency lighting: the LLE series is a L Basic LED emergency light (non-permanent or permanent) within a watertight case BE-L. Enclosure 100% polycarbonate with standard transparent diffuser. Includes three cable entries for PG-13.5 cable glands and are supplied with two plugs with O-rings and cable gland. High temperature Ni-Cd batteries. Remote-controlled.

Non Permanents/Permanents

No Permanente
autonomia h Lumens Model
LLE-100 1 100 LLE-100B
LLE-150 1 150 LLE-150B
LLE-200 1 200 LLE-200B
LLE-250 1 250 LLE-250B
LLE-300 1 300 LLE-300B
LLE-350 1 350 LLE-350B
LLE-400 1 400 LLE-400B
LLE-450 1 450 LLE-450B

To order a soft (-8% nominal flow) or strong (-30% nominal flow) opal diffuser, for both non-permanent models and permanent models, add to the reference “-S” or “-F”, respectively. For example:



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