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PLN Series
LED Spotlights

The emergency light projectors PLN are specially designed for hidorlectric plants nuclear power plants and other seismic risk areas. They are seismically qualified according to the norm IEE344 and they support three times the level of exigency required for their installation in the nuclear power plants of Ascó and Vandellós II.
Its enclosure, as well as all the inner pieces and screws are made of stainless steel AISI 304 and they are equipped with 2 adjustable spotlights with a high-power LED with collimator located in the front or on top that provide 1000 lumens, with an autonomy of 24 hours.
The size of the PLN projectors is similar to the one of the LP8-420, coinciding the position of the anchors to facilitate their fast replacement, with a remarkable increase in performance.


Model Battery Spotlights
PLN-1000AP Waterproof lead On top
PLN-1000BP Waterproof lead On the front
PLN-1000AN Níquel-Metal Hidruro On top
PLN-1000BN Níquel-Metal Hidruro On the front
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