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Portable lighting ATEX torches


The 4AA-ES2 is more than a leading torch, it is the best-selling ATEX torch in the world. High performance and high brightness 2.1W Xenon lamp. The rubber-coated switch, is designed to be operated using work gloves.
Its sleek and compact design make it a reliable and cost-effective torch that can be attached, using an accessory, to the most common firemen’s helmets on the market or carried in its nylon holster adaptable to any belt. An essential torch in maintenance and inspection work.
Polycarbonate diffuser with pre-focus protected with moulded rubber to improve impact resistance. Made in ABS, LEXAN and polycarbonate, fully rust resistant.

With II 2G certification in Zones 1 and 2.

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-Adaptor GALLET-F1

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