Luznor's greatest differential value is to be able to offer customised solutions thanks to its high level of specialisation and experience, providing customised electronic developments of advanced technology to sectors that need electronic security with very particular materials or characteristics, of difficult technical scope or under a complex regulatory framework. The innovation in products and services is, therefore, the most direct result of the continuous and always prioritised Reseach and Development activity carried out by the company.

In reaction to the economic crisis in the construction sector in 2008, Luznor drew up a Internationalisation Plan in which it is still immersed with favourable results; international sales currently represent around 17% of total turnover. In addition to reducing the risk of operating on a single market, establishing enriching collaborations, accessing large-scale projects and expanding its commercial network, with this plan Luznor strengthens the company from Alava as a benchmark in smart manufacturing and promotes business internationalisation as a lever for economic and social transformation in the Basque Country after an economic crisis that has hit the Basque business sector hard.

Moreover, the company's transformation towards a more circular business model and detached from material resources, is present at all times, considering both the environmental impact derived from the daily activity and the environmental impact during the complete life cycle of the developped products. The recent implantation of the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015) ensures Luznor's commitment with the sustainability of the resources used.


In relación to the above, the current health crisis has accelerated the digital transformation of the company, as it is now obvious that the higher the level of digitalisation, the greater the capacity to support remote work, better programme manufacturing and make faster and more accurate decisions. Luznor is therefore making a strong commitment to Industry 4.0 to increase its internal competitiveness and adapt, both a productive and organisational level, to the new ways of working established, with no turning back, by COVID-19.

What Luznor wishes to convey to its parties involved in this moment of unparalleled uncertainty is peace of mind and confidence as it considers itself an "essential company". In addition to ensuring the continuity of production, Luznor is contributing to quality employment and the reduction of national unemployment through its policy of No Records of Temporary Employment Regulation and will continue to do so, as long as the company's economic situation allows it.



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